The Business Trendsetter Podcast

5-2-2021 You’re Living the Trends, So PLAN For Them

Episode Summary

We’ve said it before. You’ve got to pay attention to the trends, but not just the trends in your business’ performance. It is crucial to look beyond your business, beyond your market, beyond your beliefs and culture for the trends that will shape the future economy and consumer habits. In this episode we consider the ten megatrends John Naisbitt predicted in his 1982 book on the topic. Amongst them Naisbitt’s forecasted the shifts from industry to information, from centralized to decentralized decision making, from forced technology use to desired technology use, and the US population shift from the East to the Southwest. Naisbitt noticed these rising trends 30 years ago that are undeniably playing out today. Consider where you, your business, and the world are today and look longitudinal. You are seeing new disruptions with your own eyes, but think about it: what will the long-term effects be on your business? What will happen if you don’t adjust to these trends in time? It’s time to work these trends into every business decision you make to secure its survival and your success.