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TRENDS: Ignore and Go Bankrupt Like Regal Cinemas – Build on Them To Create Fortunes Like Apple

Episode Summary

Explore why Regal Cinemas and Apple are on opposite sides of the TREND line.

Episode Notes

Even though entertainment trends shifted to at-home (Netflix, a decade ago, when the pandemic hit Cineworld (parent of Regal Cinemas) borrowed money to keep their theaters.  Now demand declines have continued and Cineworld is filing bankruptcy.  Better they should have done it in 2020, at least fewer debtors would have been harmed.  The company, and its lenders, refused to recognize trends and it is costing them dearly.

Meanwhile, as demographics keep making hiring nearly impossible, robotics is growing hand over fist.  If a job doesn’t require a decision, then it should be robotized.  Build on this trend, because labor is hard to find (and expensive) for the next 20 years. Robots never get sick, and don’t demand raises.  If a job is based on binary decisions, then it will be replaced by machine learning – better known as artificial intelligence – or AI.  AI will always outperform humans on binary decision paths because they never make mistakes.  Any task that doesn’t require looking at external data sources and adapting will go the way of robots and AI. Are you prepared for this change?  Are you creating robot and AI solutions that make your customers’ businesses (or lives) better?

Apple just released new products for iPhone, Air Pods and Apple Watch.  We overview how these enhancements all build on mobility and AI trends to help customers be more productive.  While competition markets features and functionality, Apple promotes enhanced productivity.  That’s why the iPhone business alone is bigger than all of Microsoft.  We describe how technical improvements that may seem obtuse are actually mobility and AI driven big productivity enhancers that you can use in your workplace, and use to enhance your customers’ productivity as well.

Thinking points: