The Business Trendsetter Podcast

Real Estate Market Outlook From The Trenches

Episode Summary

How global trends like demographics and AI are reshaping Southern Arizona's real estate market.

Episode Notes

In this episode, Manny engages in conversation with Tanner Herbert and Rebecca Crane, both principals of the Signature Group, a longstanding full-service residential real estate company supporting buyers and sellers in Southern Arizona's fast-paced market. Beyond traditional services, their company also engages in wholesale transactions and fix-and-flip projects. Through their insights, we gain a deeper understanding of how the real estate market intertwines with global megatrends like demographics, AI, and the gig economy; and how the local landscape is in a constant state of evolution.


The Southern Arizona real estate market, centered around cities like Tucson, has experienced notable transformations driven by factors such as demographics, economic diversification, and external influences like the COVID-19 pandemic. Expansion in industries like technology, aerospace, and defense has further fueled the need for residential properties, while the work-from-home trend will have a serious effect on commercial real estate needs. We explore how factors like environmental regulations, work dynamics, and artificial intelligence continue to shape supply dynamics, underscoring the importance of informed decision-making and collaboration with seasoned real estate professionals to navigate this ever-evolving market effectively.