The Business Trendsetter Podcast

The Business Trendsetter Podcast 6-2-2021: The Gig Economy is the Empowerment Economy

Episode Summary

We love to talk about trends and the importance of following them, but there’s a few trends that need a little love on their own. In this episode of the Business Trendsetter Podcast, Spark Partners hone in on the growing trends of remote work and the gig economy, and the serious need to fully embrace them. Self-employed and remote workers have increasingly begun to inhabit the economy in the last few decades, now making up a third of the US economy.With the freedom to work when and where they please using mobile and asynchronous tools, “digital nomads” have the potential to be everything the 9 to 5 employee is often not. Many gig workers feel more productive and inspired being able to set their own schedule to deliver the exact result they’re hired to do. But the gig economy is held back from fully thriving amongst widespread perceptions that these workers are not true employees by lacking a corporate home and the rigid structure of the traditional workplace. Moreover, both governmental and corporate policies deliberately hold individuals back from self-employment by limiting healthcare, unemployment, and other benefits typically guaranteed for W-2 workers.. In an increasingly digital economy, it’s time for existing businesses and institutions to welcome the benefits self-employment individuals offer and provide the resources to help them be successful. Providing people the opportunity to do their job however they can to get the best results empowers them. Our businesses need empowered individuals to create their best work for us, whether it’s just for one month or out of the office. Success IS possible in the gig economy for both gig workers and employers. Thinking Points: How can having gig workers benefit your business? How can you turn your role into gig work? What trends aside from the gig economy can you use to empower your workers?