The Business Trendsetter Podcast

5-27-2021 How Amazon Bought MGM for Free

Episode Summary

Amazon is buying MGM Studios for $9B. But actually, Amazon is buying MGM for free. And you can do the same thing – if you follow trends. You too can create enormous “Trend Value." Amazon grew from $0 to $1B revenue/year in under 5 years. By following trends in e-commerce, cloud computing and video streaming. In 25 years Amazon’s sales grew to $386B. That rapid growth, created by investing in trends, has made Amazon’s market capitalization $1.62Trillion. Amazon is $1.3Trillion greater than its assets – what we call Trend Value. 21.5x the Trend Value of Walmart, which is stuck in an outdated business. Now Amazon is using that Trend Value to grow its video streaming business in competition with Netflix, Disney and Time Warner + Discovery. You too can create enormous Trend Value which you can use to grow your business. By investing in trends. This podcast tells you how to build an empire like Amazon’s, entering new businesses and capturing greater value.