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“God Save the King” - Does That Mean England, or the Federal Reserve?

Episode Summary

The Queen fulfilled a very important need and why the Fed's actions may harm the economy.

Episode Notes

Queen Elizabeth II funeral drew over 4 Billion viewers. An incredible number of people from around the globe.  This podcast admits this caught Manny and Adam by surprise, and it indicates there is a very important need that the Queen fulfilled.  What is that need?  And will King Charles III meet that need?  We all can be caught off guard by new trends. When that happens, it indicates we aren’t fully understanding some need.  Step up and study that trend to determine the need.  When you know your customer’s needs you will be a lot more successful than when you focus just on “running your business.”

Simultaneously, the world’s banking king – U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell – seems intent on creating a global recession.  He won’t say that, but this podcast explores why the actions of the Fed are out of step with what’s happening in the economy, and unlikely to slow inflation without creating economic calamity.  So listeners need to include in their scenarios a global recession as a very real possibility.  But simultaneously, unemployment is at the lowest level ever.  This economy is nothing like the 1970s inflation.  What’s needed now is greater investment in plant and equipment to drive higher levels of productivity – not a “jobs program.”  Recent legislative acts have improved fiscal policy for investment, but the tax code is still far out of step.  But with an open eye to recessionary possibilities, this podcast explains while it still appears to be the right time to invest in productivity to grow output for unmet market demands.

Thought points: