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Fear is Everywhere – Overcome Your Fear to Grow

Episode Summary

Overcome your fear to power through the impending recession.

Episode Notes

Tech companies are undertaking massive layoffs. Economists say inflation is out of control.  Interest rates are skyrocketing. Banks are failing. Investors and bondholders are being wiped out, and deposits are at risk.  Lenders are unwilling to lend.  The news is full of stories, quoting business leaders, saying now is the time to retrench. Don’t invest – instead hoard cash and prepare for potential failure.

Balderdash.  This podcast explains why this round of fear is overdone. Why layoffs aren’t as bad as they seem. Why the fed is misguided, but the economy is robust.  Why now is the time to invest in your Value Proposition to help your customers overcome their fear. Now is the time to grow your offerings.  Create loyalty in your customers, employees and suppliers by understanding needs and investing in growth.  If you overcome your fear, in the future you will see this is a great time to invest in growth.

Talking points: