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Environmental Awareness Mega-Trend Part 3 - Future Opportunities in Autonomous Processes

Episode Summary

Learn about and prepare for autonomous processes, those which use technology to monitor inputs, and make decisions without human involvement. They will change the world as we know it.

Episode Notes

Autonomous processes are those which use technology to monitor inputs, and make decisions without human involvement.  This started 40 years ago with programmable thermostats to control indoor temperature, leading to programmable lights and other products that lower use of energy.  These solutions have grown significantly. Today Amazon has created autonomous buying bots to help us shop. Companies are figuring out how to monitor inputs without human involvement, then use those inputs to have a process self-regulate.  This includes workflow monitoring, data pushing, and the application of artificial intelligence to create autonomous processes that operate faster and have a lower environmental footprint than human-operated processes.  Most ads today are placed by an autonomous process - not ad buyers.  Today subway cars are almost wholly driverless, based on autonomous subway engineers. And this technology is evolving to soon include airplanes and automobiles.

Opportunities exist in our own companies to identify opportunities to make autonomous.  These can often then be extended to our customers, and suppliers - leading to autonomous processes in their operations.   Big opportunities exist by understanding our customers and their needs, then figuring out how to help them by automating the customer interface, and even the customer process.  Applying modern tools like asynchronous connectivity, mobility, gig economy and artificial intelligence to existing operations offers a plethora of new opportunities based on environmentally aware autonomous process development.

In this podcast, hear how autonomous vehicles have been tested since the 1980s and how airplanes are on the verge of complete autonomous flight. Understand the growth of autonomous processes in healthcare, including diagnostics. Learn how to see the opportunities, and apply tools to take advantage of them so you can grow.

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