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Business Trendsetter Podcast - GIGATRENDS – Trends Affecting Billions of People Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Episode Summary

Exciting podcast with Tom Koulopoulos about GIGATRENDS, charting the way for the next 75 years!

Episode Notes

This podcast interviews Tom Koulopoulos, Founding Chairman of Delphi Group, Executive Director of the Babson College Center for Business Innovation, past Director of the Dell Innovation Lab and contributor to Inc Magazine as well as many other journals. We overview his latest book (#14) “GIGATRENDS” offering insights to the major trends creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses globally.

The 6 Gigatrends act as lighthouse beacons for those sailing the seas of change.  They explain how demographics, artificial intelligence, health care collapses and changes in our identities and how we work will be shaping the next decade and beyond.  Tom sees these trends as uniting people rather than dividing them, and uplifting the more than 4.7B people currently living below the poverty line – in short the ocean of opportunity.

Thinking Points: