The SparkCom Podcast

9-18-20: Know Your Destination and Direction, or Go Nowhere Like Kraft-Heinz

Episode Summary

In Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Caroll said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” Maybe you’ve applied his words to life in general or literal geographical advice. As an innovator, you’ve got to apply it to your business. This week Adam and Manny discuss the history and current state of Kraft-Heinz, one of America’s biggest food processing companies. Despite decades of providing the country with some of the most recognizable foods, the company has been directionless and in the process of decline. In an attempt to keep business alive the company recently announced that it will be selling its cheese business to a French dairy company, and that it will be taking $2 billion worth of cost cutting measures to invest more into existing brands with the most potential for growth. Yet, these actions are just another mistake the company has made in choosing NOT to innovate with consumers in-mind. Forgetting about customers, relying on acquisitions, and making virtually no effort towards sustainable growth is Kraft-Heinz’s recipe for failure.