The Business Trendsetter Podcast

2-9-2021: 4 Big Trends – Lessons from Super Bowl LV That Can Grow Your Business

Episode Summary

Over Time the Super Bowl has become the premier location for launching advertising related to emerging products. Super Bowl LV was no different. There were of course traditional ads for mass market products from companies with ad budgets over $100million. But between those were advertisers using the event for first time ads, and other advertisers promoting new features or applications. These ads were wholly aligned with the 4 Big Trends Spark Partners has outlined for revenue growth in the 2020 decade. Our eBook “Thrive to the Future” outlined 4 Big Trends that emerged BEFORE the pandemic, and which have grown much stronger DURING the pandemic. Companies that align their products and services with these trends will see revenue expansion as buyers find greater value in their solutions – regardless of pandemics or other marketplace Disruptions. And we saw this demonstrated during Super Bowl LV. From Amazon’s Alexa Artificial Intelligence capability, to FiveRR and SquareSpace solutions for Gig Economy workers, to mobile solutions from Rocket Mortgage and Indeed recruiting, to asynchronously getting things done like Vroom and Mercari the 4 Big Trends were the driving force behind the solutions these companies paid $5.5M/ad to promote. You can get a rundown on the ads, how they tie to the 4 Big Trends, and how you can use this insight for your business in this podcast. Thinking Points: Do you know the 4 Big Trends that can make it far easier to drive revenue growth this decade? Do you know how to embed these trends into your solutions? What actions are you taking to make your solutions relevant for the next decade as trends drive market shifts?