The Business Trendsetter Podcast

2-3-2021: GAMESTOP – Manage for the Long-Term, Follow Trends Rather Than Fads

Episode Summary

GameStop stock was recently manipulated by stock traders into wild price volatility. But this was a fad – with many losers and some winners. This was not based on long-term trends for the retailer’s business, nor was this buying and selling of stock based on long-term valuation. Although news making, the story was due to a short-term squeeze, not business fundamentals driven by trends. However, the financial services market is undergoing dramatic change, reacting to long-term trends for mobility, applied AI and support for the Gig Economy. This is making business easier for entrepreneurs and small businesses, while simultaneously creating new business opportunities. There are many new opportunities being created by the revolution in financial services. You need to know the trends driving these changes and plan (using these trends) for the future impact on your business Thinking Points: Are you applying the advantages of changes in financial services to make your business better, easier to work with, and helping you grow? Are you including changes in financial services into your long-term planning so you can use them to create new revenue opportunities? Are you including the trends driving changes in financial services into your long-term plans?