The Business Trendsetter Podcast

12-22-20: Deserted Shopping Mall Turned Flourishing Farm - Turning Setbacks into Opportunities

Episode Summary

In a continued exploration of important innovators, Adam and Manny launch a conversation from a troubling phenomenon -- unused real estate in the US. What’s left of once bustling shopping malls, busy workplaces, and thriving communities are now empty and run-down buildings. The pandemic accelerated so many trends, from demographic to technological, that point to changing American landscapes and business expectations. When things go south it’s hard to see how things can get better. But it’s crucial to remember that when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Many successful innovators today created opportunities out of events that happened out of their favor. A growing trend of controlled environment agriculture has been fueled to make use of abandoned commercial retail spaces. Barefoot Wine started when Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey created an attractive wine label after losing business. Stories about these game-changing innovations and top business magnates may just sound like luck, but getting to this point truly takes hard work. It takes persistence to defy cultural ideas that hold you back and push through the never ending challenges to create a thriving business. It takes effort and accountability to strategize, try, and accept the errors that are bound to happen on your journey. That’s why we created our upcoming course, THINK Innovation, to help business leaders and entrepreneurs develop the mindset to create innovations and develop long-lasting organizations. The hard work doesn’t have to happen alone. Consider our strategies, look to model leaders, or step outside your comfort zone to discover your possibilities to success.