The SparkCom Podcast

12-1-2020: Innovate to Save Lives - With Insulin Now CEO Mica Kinder

Episode Summary

This week on The SparkCom Podcast, Manny and Adam are joined by Mica Kinder, founder and CEO of Insulin Now. The online pharmacy provides low-cost insulin for uninsured and underinsured diabetes patients, and is the only commercial group in the United States doing so. Business leaders often think narrowly about innovation, as though it only implies changes to products. But in a business where the product can’t change, Mica demonstrates how necessary and possible it is to find alternative services that fulfill consumer needs. With numerous supply chain players involved in insulin’s production and distribution, and no generic substitutes, the life-saving medication can cost uninsured users between $900 and $1500 per month. Yet Mica found ways to build an affordable service without on-hand inventory and with the support of certified pharmacists, nurses, and diabetes educators. She demonstrates the perseverance and flexibility every entrepreneur needs to provide immensely valuable solutions to widespread problems.